Third Party
Promotional Products

Use Your Usual Supplier

We will work with your PPAI/ASI supplier of choice to ensure your order is licensed.
This involves us contacting them and establishing them as a third party manufacturer. You place the order with us, we then place it with them and they deliver blind to you or your customer. Simple!


We have calculator to cover the add-ons required for licensing. Call and we can quickly quote any item!

Boy Scout Licensing

We will insure all your products meet the standards of BSA licensing. We handle approvals, proper logo usage, attributions, labeling and royalties. We care deeply about the success of the Boy Scouts just like your customer. We will make sure the products you sell properly represent the BSA.

Maffick Promo Preferred Suppliers

We have great relationships with many PPAI vendors. If you don’t have a current supplier for a particular item, we can help! One vendor that makes things very easy since they are close by to us is We can pickup and handle all licensing requirements of the BSA before shipping to your customer.

Questions or Ready to Order?

Call today to speak to a promotional product expert and find out how easy it is to get Boy Scouts of America licensed products!